Brake wheel cylinder how to change?

by:JHY     2020-04-02
The brake pump ( Commonly known as the brake caliper) Is very important component in the braking system, in the event of failure will produce a great impact on the safety of driving, so we have the problems timely inspect and replace the brake wheel cylinder is very necessary as a car brake caliper brake pump manufacturer, small make up to today and you talk about how the brake wheel cylinder to replace it. A disc brake is mainly composed of a brake discs connected with wheels ( Also called brake disc) When we hit the brakes, brake master cylinder of the hydraulic oil is pressed into the brake caliper pistons by extrusion, brake caliper pistons role by liquid pressure and displacement, this move will make brake pad clamped tightly in the middle of the brake disc, brake effect thereby, make the speed of the car drops slowly, and then make the vehicle stop. First of all, we take out the car accessory kit, kit inside general type jack, pipe socket wrench, in order to prevent after the wheel set up nut can not force, we use type pipe socket board first wheel fixed nut loose circle of one, two, and then set up the wheel with a jack and only after all wheel screw loose. After remove the tire and wheel hub, with an appropriate wrench panasonic brake calipers, paying special attention to is to have brake because the brake caliper ass behind connection tubing, must not let it broken by external force is too large, we can use the ready items will be its padding. After remove the brake caliper, brake pads, again panasonic calipers retainer frame by means of a fixed bolt, remove the brake disc. To remove the detailed inspections of brake pads, brake disc, which haven't wear pads to the 'indicator', still can continue to use, if the brake disc wear too much and thickness is enough, can choose the light one knife continue to use the car, if the crack as far as possible to replace. Replace the brake wheel cylinder, according to the remove method in the opposite direction, just recovered from a particular attention to the new brake wheel cylinder installation location is good, only the original brake tubing off, otherwise it will cause decrease of oil leakage in the brake pipe, increase the difficulty of the vent. If you want to know more information about the car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder, welcome to contact us at any time.
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