brake repair: manual bleeding

by:JHY     2019-12-27
There are two general ways for the hydraulic brake system to discharge air.
The manual method, by the way, is the only way to do it without expensive equipment and professionals and requires two people.
This typical, often needed car repair can be done without the help of a brake repair specialist, provided you are sure that the remedy will solve the problem at hand, and if you have the skills and know the car machinery.
Your assistant is not necessarily an expert.
When braking with a manual method, the fluid level in the master cylinder needs to be observed.
If the fluid becomes too low, the air will be sucked into the cylinder, resulting in an endless process.
So if possible, deflate the main cylinder first.
To proceed with manual bleeding of the system, if a method is not mentioned in the owner\'s manual published by your factory, starting from the rear wheel from right to left, and then continuing from right to left on the front wheel.
From the driver\'s point of view, the left and right are certain.
First, the hose must be attached to the discharge valve of the wheel at hand, and the other end must be immersed in the glass tank of the brake fluid.
This stops the waste of the fluid and allows to see bubbles indicating the air.
It should be noted that when dealing with brake fluid, no other material is allowed to be mixed with the brake fluid, including pure moisture in water or elements.
Open the drain valve and let your assistant slowly step the brake pedal onto the floor.
Close the valve and let your pedal push partner slowly release the pressure on the brake pedal.
Pause for 15 seconds in order to collect the airbag.
In theory, this will make the process faster, because the air in the big pocket will drain faster compared to a few smaller, scattered pockets.
Repeat this process until there is no air in the hose and glass jar.
That is to say, bubbles cannot be detected in the brake fluid of the glass tank.
The same procedure should compete for each remaining wheel in the above order or as per your master\'s manual advice.
After successfully releasing all the pipelines, check whether the total pump tank has a suitable brake fluid level.
It should be filled about 1 out of 1/4 from the top of the container, or if the fill line is shown on the container, it should be filled to the fill line.
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