brake repair: important categories

by:JHY     2019-12-07
Drum brakes, disc brakes and parking brakes are the main categories of brake systems used in today\'s cars.
They are critical to the safe operation of the car, and if they fail, it is better to find a mechanic immediately.
Understanding how the brakes of the vehicle work helps to assess the cost of maintenance and prevent problems in the future.
Place a disc brake system on the first two wheels of the vehicle.
Disc brakes are the most commonly used systems because they are more effective in stopping heavier cars.
Calipers are the main components of this system.
Other components include pads and rotors.
Calipers fix the calipers piston and brake pads.
When the driver applies the brake, the brake caliper squeezes the brake pads on the rotor, which actually prevents the movement of the wheels.
The rotor holds the wheel and is placed between the brake pads.
When these brakes fail, it is usually because the brake pads need to be replaced.
When the pads are pressed on the rotor, there may be a squeaky sound, indicating that the pads become too thin.
Occasionally, the brake caliper will get stuck or bent, which requires a replacement of the brake caliper.
If the brake pedal requires additional power to stop the vehicle, the calipers may also be the culprit.
The working principle of drum brake is the same as that of disc brake;
The shoe or mat is pressed on a rotating surface.
However, the shoe does not press the rotating drum, but moves outward, making a wedge on the drum to stop the wheel.
This brake system is placed on the rear wheels, and its configuration works well with the parking brake system that is also placed on the rear wheels.
The drum brake uses additional components including springs to keep the shoes away from the drum.
When stepping on the brake pedal, the piston pushes the shoe out to make a wedge.
There is also a brake regulator on the shoe and the piston that keeps the shoe close to the drum.
The system is designed to allow emergency brake cables to be applied on the rear wheels.
The cable is attached to the shoe so that when the lever is pulled, it forces the shoe to wedge into the drum.
There are very few brake repairs to the rear wheels, although the most common one is to replace the shoes.
The brake mechanism on the vehicle is the most important safety measure for the safe operation of any vehicle.
Pay regular attention to the brakes and pay attention to any changes in the pedal depression and brake effectiveness.
The most common repair method for front and rear brakes is to replace shoes or pads.
However, other issues including the hydraulic system or the disc itself may be a problem.
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