Brake calipers

by:JHY     2020-04-01
One, the working principle of car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder, brake caliper as the inside of the brake system brake wheel cylinder, mainly accept brake master cylinder with brake tubing transmission fluid pressure, and then by liquid pressure on the internal piston callipers, again through the piston push brake pads, brake pads and brake discs, by creates friction between the vehicle deceleration, friction vehicle kinetic energy into heat energy is lost in the atmosphere. Second, the importance of the brake caliper: due to the process of the vehicle is often used to brake, calipers will often brake master cylinder transmission fluid pressure and brake pads for calipers reaction, at the same time, the brake pad friction heating to produce high temperature will affect the caliper repeatedly, and common caliper for casting aluminum alloy material, while the high temperature and pressure when braking calipers won't be destroyed, but because of the existence of metal fatigue strength, also can appear a certain deformation. And deformation of the calipers to cause a decline in the brake performance, brake imbalance and a series of easy to happen. So, if you want to calipers durability stronger, then change the high performance modified calipers. Three, the classification of the calipers 1, the material classification: according to different materials can be divided into casting aluminum alloy, aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, three kinds of materials; Casting of aluminium alloy: calipers for common material, the price is cheap, technology is mature, meet the daily use, but performance in general, quality is heavier general common in original factory production car; Aluminium alloy, including hot forging and cold forging process. High-performance forging process, the performance is excellent, the price is more expensive, more advanced technology, material strength is higher, lower quality, higher resistance to temperature, can satisfy more complicated environment use; Titanium alloy, light weight, the price is expensive, heat-resisting performance better, intensity is higher;
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