Brake and braking disc period

by:JHY     2020-04-08
In order to ensure thermal stabilization, increase prevention plate has a crack and reduce some braking sound, all newly installed brake disc need to brake. If there is no good running-in, brake and brake disc started several hard braking, there may be cracked or brake disc brake disc operation will fail and cause unnecessary trouble. AP Racing suggested operating procedure is as follows: street car installation: 1, in a 20 km, the brake gently speed from 80 100 km per hour speed adjustment to 50 kilometers per hour, every action to do 5 times. Now don't try any high-speed brakes - — High speed to stop 0 km per hour, because only the brake disc of the disk will heat up with the braking time is long, but the internal disc and the bridge area will keep it cold. 2, in the next 160 - 200 kilometers, the increase is similar to stop on the road of brake pressure, try to avoid from 120 kilometers per hour to brake sharply down to 0 km per hour. Now, install the bolt area should be light blue. This is a very good sign, on behalf of the correct hot dip has been reached. 160-3, in the next 200 kilometers, slowly increase the brake force. Then, you can brake hard. At this point, the brake disc should be deeper than before the light blue color, it depends on the type of brake and the brake used in the process of braking force. Please note: must abide by the given above specification. Of the specifications of the above specifications tighter than replace the normal brake disc, because the brake system from ordinary to upgrade to the high-performance braking system, the system need to be more higher than ordinary plate temperature can ensure that the terms of the braking system.
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