At present, the brake can be divided into drum type, disc type and belt type according to different structural forms of friction pair: brake caliper and brake disc exist on the disc brake, and the car is in

by:JHY     2020-02-16
The current brake can be divided into drum type, disc type and belt type according to different structural forms of friction pair: brake caliper and brake disc exist on the disc brake. During the driving process of the car, the brake disc rotates with the wheel, the brake caliper is fixed. When braking, the brake caliper clamps the brake disc to complete the braking function is a part of the disc brake. The brake disc is a rotating element and is disc-shaped. What is a clutch brake? What does it do? The brake is an indispensable and important device for the safe and stable operation of the elevator. The main functions of the brake are as follows: 1. The brake can act on its own when the power supply of the elevator is cut off, the brake shoe holds the brake wheel to stop the elevator. When braking, the deceleration of the elevator shall not be greater than the deceleration generated by the safety clamping and stopping of the car or the car stopping on the buffer. 2. When the elevator stops running at the station, the brake should be able to be guaranteed at 125 ~ Under the rated load of 150%, keep the elevator stationary and must not open until it is started again. 3. When the overspeed occurs in the operation of the elevator and reaches the speed of the speed limiter, the brake first acts to brake the brake wheel to stop the elevator. The brake of the elevator traction machine must be removed when the power is on, so that the elevator can run; When the power supply or control power supply of the elevator is cut off, or the elevator runs beyond the limit, overspeed, and breaks down, brake immediately, so that the elevator stops running or cannot start, it ensures that the brake can be reliably braked when the elevator is out of power and various extraordinary accidents occur; When the elevator is in normal operation, the brake must be completely released, and the brake shoe must not have any contact with the brake wheel. Brake is one of the most frequently working devices in elevators, and it is also the device that has the greatest effect on safe operation. What is a clutch brake? What does it do? The transmission adopts a double countershaft structure, and the transmission ratio design is relatively reasonable. When the diesel car is running normally, the shift is very convenient, but the diesel car is not like this when starting. Before the diesel car starts, the diesel engine, clutch, transmission and one shaft continue to rotate. Since the rotation of the first shaft drives the rotation of the secondary shaft, all gears on the secondary shaft obviously drive all gears on the second shaft to rotate. At this time, the diesel car is in the stop position, and the output second shaft is stationary. When starting to gear, although the clutch disengages the transmission from the power of the diesel engine. However, due to the inertia of the moving parts, the gears of each gear are still rotating, and it is obviously difficult for a rotating part to hang up with a completely stationary part. Therefore, it is difficult for fuller transmission itself to start gear. This requires the help of a mechanism called 'clutch brake' to realize gear synchronization. The clutch brake consists of a clutch brake switch valve and a clutch brake cylinder. There is a two-position three-way air valve under the clutch pedal, which is the clutch brake switch valve. When stepping on the clutch pedal when starting gear, it is felt that there is an obvious obstacle position, indicating that the pedal arm has reached the brake switch valve, and the operation requires to step on the pedal downward. At this time, the pedal arm pushes the switch valve open, and the compressed air from the air cylinder leads to the brake cylinder installed in the side window of the main transmission power gear through the open switch valve. Compressed air enters the brake cylinder to push the piston. The front end of the piston has a concave surface with the same Radian as the outer round surface of the force taking gear. The piston compresses on the outer round surface of the force taking gear under the action of air pressure, make the force-taking gear and the countershaft brake quickly to overcome the moment of inertia, all gears on the second shaft stop rotating, and the starting gear is easily engaged. When the clutch pedal is released, the valve core of the brake switch will return completely under the action of the spring, the air of the brake cylinder will be discharged through the switch valve, the brake will be released, and the transmission will resume normal operation. In fact, the clutch brake is to play a role of starting synchronization, 'but the working principle of synchronization is different from that of ordinary synchronizers. It should be noted that the clutch brake only works when starting the gear operation, and the diesel car does not need to operate the clutch brake in this way when running normally. The stroke of the piston is limited. When the end face of the piston is seriously worn, the clutch brake will work poorly or completely fail, showing the phenomenon of bad start and gear shift.
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