around the world, with 13 fuel tanks and a single seat

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Edwards Air Force Base, California-
Outsiders look at the global flyers, one
The seat aircraft is designed for the first single, uninterrupted, non-refuelling flight around the world, and would like to know how pilots can work 70 hours in cigars
He couldn\'t even get out of his seat.
But the pilot, Steve Fossett, thought of another problem: fuel.
Technicians at Scaled compos, the company that makes aircraft, like to call it a flying fuel tank. At takeoff --on Jan.
4 or if weather permits--
It will weigh 50 lbs.
By commuter plane
If successful, it will land in three days with less than medium weightsize S. U. V.
In a recent test flight, it did not take off like a jet (
Which is technically)
Like sliding into the sky.
Full load, it takes more than two miles of runway to take off.
Global flyer is an engineering feat in the first place ---
Build a powerful enough aircraft to climb the sky with so much fuel and enough efficiency to fly nearly 20,000 miles without refueling.
This is also a test of pilot skills and human endurance. Mr.
Glider sett, a Glider pilot, sailor and gas player, is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, whose name is posted on a clumsy Global Flyer.
Proportional composites in mohaway, California
Also built the Voyager. -the two-seat propeller-
1986 flying planes that keep fueling around the world-
SpaceShipOne won the $10 million X Prize in its first private space flight in October.
It turned out that travelers were almost too vulnerable to complete the trip: When Smithsonian took it apart and put it into the Aerospace Museum at the National Mall in Washington, D. C, the technician found the broken flange in the main beam of the wing\'s pillar. (
The plane hangs above the information desk at the main entrance of the museum. )
But technology has changed since then. The carbon-
Bert Rutan, founder of the company and designer of the program, said fiber and epoxy materials are roughly the same.
However, the main spar of the 110 feet-long global flyer is one piece, built in conditions close to room temperature.
In 1980s, the composite had to be cooked in the autoclave, and such a large piece was impossible.
The wingspan is about the same Boeing 737.
900, but the similarity is over.
The weirdest part of Global flyer is what engineers call a \"fuel score\", the percentage of the takeoff weight in the fuel.
Recently, with every new test flight, global flyer broke the fuel score record, but in its round of flightsthe-
It will try the world at the most extreme rate of 82% of fuel.
In contrast, the maximum takeoff weight is 737
900 is 24% kilometers of fuel and 3,160 miles.
Global flyer has a system consisting of 13 sep arate fuel tanks.
Managing them is essential to minimize wing bending and to maintain balance in the process of the aircraft changing from a bulky tanker to a feather weight. A pilot of Mr.
Engineers say the skills of Forsett can cope with the shift.
But he needs more than technology.
While the plane has an autopilot to keep its course, course and height, it still needs to work before it is on the fly.
No pilot can stay alert for 70 hours in a row.
\"No one is willing to sleep with an autopilot yet,\" said Rutan. \" In a single-
Sleeping is a serious problem.
The FAA is concerned that there is a groggy pilot at the final stage of the flight, and is considering ordering the plane to take off from Edwards, so that the last hours of the flight, except for the last few minutes, it will be on an uninhabited ocean.
But mission planners tend to build an old air base in Selena, Kansas.
There is an appropriate length of runway so that if the fuel runs out 1,000 miles from the destination, the global flight crew will be on land.
Planes should travel across the North Atlantic, Europe, the Persian Gulf, India and the Pacific, but according to the weather forecast, the route during the flight may change.
Cruising is higher than most weather, but not all.
Climbing the cruise will be a laid back 12 hours in order to save fuel;
The decline will also be slow.
However, flying at high altitude is too long and the cruising height is too high, designers turn from ordinary jet fuel to a mixture that is not easy to freeze. For Mr.
Rutan, global flyer is a bold attempt
His brother Dick, along with another pilot, Jeana Yeager, drove his other work, Voyager.
It takes about 72% of fuel to take off.
According to the rules set by the International Federation of aviation records, \"traveling around the world\" means at least the distance around the return south.
Global flyer\'s plan is 19,864 nautical miles, or 22,859 miles.
Travelers do 24,900, which is just a short distance near the equator.
This time, the aircraft will use a jet engine that is the same as half the power unit of the company\'s jet.
The engine, the designer says, will operate during most flights, well below the normal cruising environment. Mr.
Rutan said the jet was so reliable that it was \"safer to fly over the long ocean with a turbocharged aircraft --
Fan of two piston engines.
\"If it exits at a speed of 45,000 feet or 9 miles, finding a landing site may not be a problem, because it can slide about 30 feet kilometers per 1 feet kilometers of altitude, give the pilot a range of nearly 300 miles before he has to land, leave or bail.
But global flyer is a great glider and it will be a challenge to drop fast enough to find the air that is breathable.
The reason is to maximize cruise efficiency and keep the wings \"clean\" with as little resistance as possible, it has no spoiler
Top equipment used to reduce lift when the aircraft must land.
It also lacks flaps, and the device at the back of the flaps can provide additional lifting when it takes off.
To save weight, Flyers lack most of the safety devices common to modern aircraft.
It does not have a deicing system for wings or windows.
It can find weather and other traffic without radar.
Almost no brakes;
The engineer removes a rotor from each disc brake.
John Kruger, a manufacturer of machinery and composites, said: \"In order to make a flying light, you have to make it with very little safety margin,\" standing in the Yucca bushes, standing in the footsteps of Jack Rabbit on the edge of 15,000 --
A walking track at Edwards Air Force base to watch the flight take off on November. 17.
\"When it is so heavy, the profit is very small,\" he said . \".
If the cabin is decompressed at cruising altitude, even the emergency oxygen supply may be too small to maintain the life of the pilot.
A larger system will weigh 12 pounds.
The 60-year-old says he is not sure if the weight is worth it.
\"One of my friends suggested I go on a diet,\" he said . \"(
He weighs 213 pounds. )
The plane looks like two planes flying at close range. Mr.
Rutan designed two huge boom with a tail behind each boom; the huge wing;
There is also a small body in the middle.
It\'s almost a single
Use the plane, though Sir.
Fawcett says he may be driving it again after a round of flightthe-world trip.
Aviation experts say that while the number of composite materials used by new passenger planes continues to increase, flight personnel may not have advanced the technology they use.
But it may open up new areas for other types of aircraft, including high
Aerial drones for communication, monitoring, or other purposes have long been flying in the air. Mr.
Fawcett, who interviewed by telephone from South America, tried to create new records on the glider, said he viewed the trip primarily as a driving challenge.
He said when Jon M.
Project engineer and main test pilot Karkow has more experience with the aircraft, but he added, \"If I have a problem with self-driving then I will definitely not fall asleep.
\"Expansion and the refusal of virgins to discuss the costs of the mission.
\"I was wondering if the Smithsonian museum would take it away,\" Clint Nichols, a zoom technician, watched it take off.
Then he added: \"It\'s strange enough.
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