Analysis of car maintenance and disassembly

by:JHY     2020-02-26
Many car friends talk about 'dismantling' and feel that it is definitely not easy to install. This view is partially correct. There is no special tools and training for precision components such as engines. Of course, they cannot be dismantled, however, the interior trim are modular. As long as you master the correct order, you can disassemble and assemble them yourself. Maybe your own assembly quality is better than that of 4S stores or even factories. It is understood that, in automobile maintenance, as long as the method is proper and the process is reasonable, for parts that are difficult to disassemble or reassemble and do not have or are inconvenient to disassemble and assemble with special tools, grasp the word 'Qiao' to do not damage the parts, but also can be disassembled smoothly. The following are some simple and practical methods. 1. The removal of the steering wheel the steering wheel is firmly fixed, and the removal method is improper, which is time-consuming and laborious, and is easy to damage the steering wheel. In this regard, you can hold the steering wheel with your left hand and pull it up with force, and hit 180 of the steering wheel with a hammer in your right hand (That is, the left hand corresponding department)The mold beam ( Soft objects should be wrapped in advance to prevent damage to the outer surface of the steering wheel) Parts, under normal circumstances, only a few times, can smoothly remove the steering wheel. 2. Take the outer seat ring of the transmission bearing after the front bearing of the first shaft of the transmission is broken, some of the outer seat rings left in the bearing hole at the tail end of the crankshaft will be disassembled by gas cutting and other methods, which will not only be laborious and time-consuming, and it is easy to damage the bearing hole. A better way is to find a waste valve. If the valve head is too large, it can be ground on a grinder (Should leave a small part)To be able to enter the bearing inner hole. Will the valve head Edge (No grinding place) For the inner side of the outer ring of the positive bearing, strike the valve rod horizontally with a hammer, and the outer ring of the bearing can be pushed out at the edge of the valve. 3. Take the valve seat ring one is welding method, suitable for cast iron cylinder head (When there is no puller). Take a waste gas door and process its head so that its diameter is slightly smaller than the solitary size of the valve seat ring. Place the valve stem in the valve guide and spot the valve with the seat ring by electric welding. At this time, the cold shrinkage force after spot welding makes the valve seat ring shrink. As long as the tail end of the valve rod is knocked with a hammer, the valve seat will come out accordingly. The second is heating method, which is suitable for aluminum alloy cylinder head. Put the cylinder head into the basin, add waste engine oil, take it out quickly when it is heated to boiling, and gently vibrate the seat ring to come out. If it is difficult to get out, you can use the screwdriver and other leverage to get out smoothly. 4. The preparation work of the valve seat ring in the valve seat ( The interference and roughness should be in accordance with the regulations, and the valve seat ring or the heat expansion seat ring bearing hole should be cold shrunk) After the completion, quickly put the valve seat ring flat on the valve seat bearing hole, insert the exhaust valve of the vehicle model into the valve guide pipe, and knock the valve head with a hammer. In this way, the valve stem can play a guiding role in the valve guide pipe, and the valve head and the valve seat ring are in uniform and reliable contact, ensuring the smooth insertion of the seat ring. 5. If the iron clamp is not done well, the piston ring will be damaged. In this regard, two pieces of connecting rod tiles can be taken to clamp the piston ring with them, and the piston will smoothly enter the cylinder with a hammer. This method is suitable for all kinds of air pump piston installation. When selecting tiles, it should be noted that the inner diameter of the tiles should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the piston. 6. Assembly of water seal of water pump more and more water pumps switch to graphite water seal, such as Dongfeng, liberation and other series of cars. The rubber ring of this water seal is slightly larger than the size of the seat hole on the impeller of the water pump by 1mm--1. 5mm, when assembling, a little carelessness will cause the rubber ring to be squeezed out, and even the graphite ring will be crushed out. It is reported that the water seal can be separated during installation. First, a thin layer of sealant is applied to the inside and outside of the rubber ring, then it is installed into the impeller bearing hole, and then the graphite ring is smoothly pressed into the rubber ring. This method will not cause damage to the water seal or water leakage due to improper assembly.
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