10 faults easy to occur in braking system

by:JHY     2020-02-22
Braking system is the most important active safety measure for vehicles, because once problems occur, the consequences are unimaginable. Here are 10 brake failures that are easy to occur for your reference. 1. Fault phenomenon: pedal position is very low; Step again, the position can not be raised, feel hard; Judge the reason: the master cylinder is blocked; 2. Failure phenomenon: the brake pedal is pressed to the end, and the braking effect is not good; Continuous braking, the effect is not improved, and the pedal gradually rises; Judge the reason: Gas is mixed in the braking system; 3. Failure phenomenon: continuously step on the brake, the return position of the pedal rises, and the braking effect is improved; Judge the reason: the gap between the friction plate and the brake drum is too large; 4. Fault phenomenon: continuously step on the brake, the pedal position rises, and there is a sense of sinking; Judge the reason: oil leakage; 5. Fault phenomenon: step on the brake pedal, the pedal does not rise, no resistance; Judge the reason: Check whether the brake fluid is missing; Whether there is oil leakage at the brake cylinder, pipeline and joint; Whether the parts of master cylinder and cylinder pump are damaged; 6. Fault phenomenon: the height of the pedal is normal, not soft and not sinking, but the braking effect is not good; Judge the reason: the gap between the friction plate and the brake drum is too large or there is oil stain; 7. Fault phenomenon: brake deviation; Judge the reason: if the car deflects to the left, the right wheel will not brake properly, and vice versa; 8. Fault phenomenon: the car travels for a certain mileage, brake drum (Disk)Fever; Judge the reason: check the brake master cylinder, brake cylinder or pipeline; 9. Fault phenomenon: the free stroke of the brake pedal is too small; Reason for Judgment: adjustment required; 10. Fault phenomenon: brake fluid level rises slowly; Judge the reason: loosen the Bleed screw and observe the return of the brake shoe. If the brake shoe returns, the oil pipe should be dredged; If the brake shoe does not return, the brake cylinder should be disassembled and checked. Winter should pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle, so that it has a healthy 'body', it can return you a safe journey.
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